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"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"
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Icon-MM7 Ghost Icon-MM7
Hit Points: 93
Armor Class: 35
Damage: 3D6+6
Fly: Yes
Movement limit: Medium
Speed: 300
Attack Speed: 90
AI type: Suicidal
Preferred enemy: Cleric
Primary attack: Physical
Attack bonus: Unconscious
Level: 19
Experience: 551
Treasure: 20% chance for a level 4 item
Fire: 20
Air: 20
Water: Immune
Earth: 20
Mind: Immune
Spirit: 20
Body: Immune
Light: 0
Dark: 30
Physical: 20

The ghost is a monster in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. It is stronger than the shade and specter.

Ghosts can be encountered in the Barrow Downs, Haunted Mansion, Evenmorn Island, Castle Gloaming, and Tidewater Caverns. Their attack can knock their target unconscious, and they are immune to water, mind, and body damage. They target Clerics and Paladins in the party.

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