The ghost is a second-level creature of the Necropolis in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

The etheral ghosts can drain life energy from their opponents, aging their prey in seconds. This causes any target to become slower and weaker in combat.OffBck


Ghosts are fast, tough fliers with a very debilitating touch. They serve well for shutting down dangerous ranged units. While they take more than their fair share of physical damage (having the same defense as vampires), they fall swiftly to direct-damage spells, having only 15 hit points apiece.

Mid-level Necromancers can create great hordes of Ghosts very quickly from the souls of their fallen enemies, using Expert or Master Necromancy.


Ability flying

Flying allows this creature to fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, and castle walls.

Ability undead

Undead creatures are not affected by morale, or by spells and abilities that only work on living creatures. Some spells and artifact (such as Holy Water) have special effects on Undead creatures. Undead creatures, however, give an additional -2 morale penalty to all non-Death creatures.

Ability aging

This creature's attack has a chance of temporarily Aging the enemy. An Aged target has its Attack skill decreased by 25%, its Defense skill decreased by 20%, and its Speed and Movement decreased by 50%.

Ability insubstantial

Insubstantial increases this creature's Melee and Ranged Defense by 100%.

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