The Genie is a third-level creature of the Academy in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Though steeply-priced, the Genie is a fearsome spellcaster, wielding Order Magic's most fearsome Direct Damage spell, three curses, a blessing, and a high-powered summoning spell. Topped off with decent defense, high speed and generous hit points, this creature is a perhaps the most versatile and useful creature in any Order army.

Splitting your genies into one large stack and many stacks of one creature can allow you to destroy neutral stacks many times your own size. The single genies can cast slow and song of peace to keep the attackers off your main stack of genies and hero while the main stack casts ice bolt or create illusion as appropriate to destroy the enemy. Often no other creatures are necessary to take on non-resistant stacks so this army can quickly spread out and take territory while your slower creatures (with another hero) deliver a punch where it is needed.


Flying allows this creature to fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, and castle walls.
The Genie has access to Cowardice, Create Illusion, Slow, Mirth, Song of Peace and Ice Bolt. Each genie does 15.2 points of damage with Ice Bolt, and can create 15.2 hit points of illusions.

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