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This is the world depicted in Geary Gravel's novels Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. While almost all of the events in the books took place here, the planet itself was never given a name.


Like many of the realms in the original universe, this world was colonized by the Ancients through their seedships. For a long time, it was ruled by the guardians, who kept in contact with their far-away masters through the Wire, an "intangible conduit of incredible power". It also gave the guardians the power they needed to rule over the human population.

After a long and bloody war, the humans managed to defeat their rulers. Some of these rebels chose to use the Wire to become the new guardians and protectors of the planet, calling themselves Wielders. The power of the Wire allowed them to alter their minds and bodies, lengthening their lifespans and letting them bring forth children with incredible abilities.

Some of the Wielders chose to become closer to their instruments, becoming part machine themselves. One of these was Dubiel the Shadowmith, who decided to wage a secret war against the other Wielders to increase his share of the Wire. The others banded together and drove him back, and he fled south to hide and gather his strength. Eventually, he returned to wage war against his former friends.


During the time of the novels, the planet was visited by two alien explorers from two mighty interstellar empires: Jassad Attqua of the Arc, and Eil do Mer of Bright Star. Both had been sent to investigate the tales of wonders reported by mechanical probes. According to Jassad, the people here had abilities and technology far beyond their civilization's development stage. They even had some stories about their species' original arrival on the planet, written down in the set of books known as the Elucidaries. While the tales were quite poetic, they were also remarkably accurate.

On her arrival, Eil do Mer was captured by Dubiel, who used the technology in her ship to attack his many enemies. Eventually, he also managed to take control of The Reference, the AI in Jassad's head. With the aid of Hitch and Diligence, two teenagers native to the planet, the Shadowsmith was eventually defeated.

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