Geary Gravel (rhymes with "navel"[2]) is an American Phillip K. Dick award-nominated science-fiction and fantasy author and professional sign language interpreter.[3] He lives in western Massachusetts and has written eleven books. He is the author of the first two novels set within the Might and Magic universe - Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith.[4]

Around 1995, Gravel was approached by a packager from Bill Fawcett and Associates, affiliated with New World Computing and Del Rey Books, who ordered three novels based around the Might and Magic setting, which would serve as background lore to Might and Magic VI.[5][6] Although Gravel completed two of the novels and had begun work on the concluding third story - Might and Magic: The Worldcrafter - New World Computing elected to abandon this plan, instead developing their storyline around the world of Enroth (introduced in the Heroes of Might and Magic series).[5]

Gravel was asked to write a third Might and Magic novel unrelated to the trilogy he had established, but declined and was released from the contract.[5] References to the novels in the series re-emerged in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, which included territories named The Wheel and Aldamar.[7] Additionally, Pomponderant - one of his original characters - makes a cameo appearance in Might and Magic: Swords of Xeen, and several elements of his storylines were included in the Heroes V mod Legends of the Ancients. Gravel's Might and Magic novels are set in the same universe as his War of the Fading Worlds series, which therefore by extension also constitute part of the original universe.[8]

Aside from his Might and Magic and War of the Fading Worlds series, Gravel created The Autumnworld Mosaic series in 1984, which earned him a nomination for the Philip K. Dick Award,[3] and is currently comprised of The Alchemists and The Pathfinders.[4] Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith remains his most recent work.[4]


  • All three of Gravel's original series notably remain unfinished, each of them closing with only two books published. Two novels - World of the Night Wind and The Warlord of Kansas - were apparently anticipated to continue his War of the Fading Worlds series, but have not been published to date.[9][10] It has, however, been expressed that he continues to write with further novels projected in the future, including The Changelings, an eventual continuation to his Autumnworld series.[4]


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