Gating is the the class-specific skill for the Demon Lord of the Inferno faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V. It grants the hero's creatures an ability to gate into the infernal plane to bring reinforcements back to the battlefield.

Each unit can gate only once per combat spending 50% of its current initiative. The creatures will disappear after the end of the combat. Higher skill levels allow higher tier units to gate, and increases the number of troops gated in.

  • Basic Gating allows imps and demons to gate. Newly arrived creatures constitute 30% of the gated ones.

  • Advanced Gating also allows hell hounds and succubi to gate. Newly arrived creatures constitute 35% of the gated ones.

  • Expert Gating also allows hell chargers and pit fiends to gate. Newly arrived creatures constitute 40% of the gated ones.

  • Ultimate Gating allows all inferno creatures to gate. Newly arrived creatures constitute 45% of the gated ones.

It also allows Demon Lords to learn these abilities:

Consume Corpse Edit


Demon Lord receives special combat ability to consume corpses of fallen creatures to restore mana. Consumed corpses disappear from the battlefield.

Hellfire Edit


Creatures under Demon Lord's control are granted a 30% chance to deal additional fire damage on attack. Hellfire drains the Demon Lord's mana.

Mark of the Damned Edit


The hero receives special combat ability to punish the target enemy creature with a powerful Mark of the Damned if that creature is about to attack, retaliate, or cast any spell. Once declared, Mark of the Damned is active until the end of combat. Should target creature remain idle or move without attacking, the mark will not be performed.

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