The Might and Magic games have used a variety of game engines, most custom built for the games, though some have used some third party customizations and other middle ware.

Here is a list of each game and the engine used:

  • Might and Magic I - uses a custom game engine, originally written on the Apple II, but was ported to a variety of other systems, using a ported version of the original code. The NES version is essentially a massively enhanced version of the original game engine, particularly in the graphics department. Might and Magic II uses an upgraded version of the first game engine, but essentially is the same codebase.
  • Might and Magic III - Uses a radically improved game engine, notable for taking advantage of VGA graphics, sound cards, and mouse support. The engine also supports animated cut scenes for the first time.
  • Might and Magic IV and Might and Magic V use a modified version of the codebase of the third game, with the interesting ability to merge the game data of the fourth and fifth game into one game with access to features not available when each game is installed separately.
  • Might and Magic VI, Might and Magic VII, and Might and Magic VIII all use the same engine. MM6 introduced support for 2.5D (pseudo-3D) art and rendering and full motion video (FMV) into the series. Might and Magic VII and VIII would reuse the same engine with little or no major tweaks or improvements.
  • Might and Magic IX uses a custom engine specifically designed for that game alone, which, although supporting nicer graphics and better 3D rendering capability than the MMVI engine, was considered poorly optimized and developed by it own creators, who were forced to speed up and release the game itself before the engine could be properly refined.
  • HOMM1 and HOMM2 use the same engine and codebase, with the latter game merely using a moderately tweaked version of the original codebase.
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