Lord Fulbert, the unlucky Regent of Flammschrein, was a noble of the Holy Griffin Empire whose lands and life were stolen by the Empire's new regime.


Lord Fulbert was the Duke of the Wolf Duchy, and the Regent of it's capital, Flammschrein. Due to the wealth of his land, his domain was one of the most sought after in the Empire.

When Biara, in the guise of Isabel, usurped the throne of the Griffin Empire, she sent her troops to occupy the Wolf Duchy and kill Fulbert. The lord was stabbed in his sleep by assassins and his land were taken. Flammschrein was then made holy city of the newly established Church of Urgash. Fulbert's eldest daughter, Valeria, tried to avenge her father, but was captured and imprisoned.

Fulbert's ghost made amends latter, however, as he helped Arantir in his quest of purging the Griffin Empire from the demonic taint. He informed the Necrolord of the magical barrier that protected Flammschrein, and of the ritual that could remove it. Following Fulbert's advices, Arantir managed to destroy Flammschrein and deal a hammering blow to Biara's plans of bringing the Empire on it's knees.


Fulbert is a Knight.


The Will of AshaEdit

Heart of Darkness: The ghost informs Arantir of the magical barrier that protects Flammschrein, and of the means to remove it. As a side-quest, he asks Arantir to avenge his death by killing his assassins. If they are killed, Fulbert will allow Arantir a passage through one of the portals.


Lord Fulbert appears only in Tribes of the East.

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