The frenzied gnasher is a fourth-level creature, connected to the Stronghold in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War. It can be purchased at the beast pen.

The Frenzied Gnasher is a massive and powerful beast that is immune to magic. A few have been captured and trained just enough to be useful in battle, but turned loose there is no stopping it.OffBck


The Frenzied Gnasher is basically a stronger version of the berserker. Combined with the Berserk ability, their Magic Immunity is more of a hindrance than a help, since you are not allowed to use beneficial spells to keep them alive. It is recommended to keep them in the back rows of your army and to use curses and range attacks against any enemy unit that threatens them.

Abilities Edit


This creature is completely Immune to Magic, including spells cast by friendly troops.


A Berserk creature must attack or move to attack every turn. They cannot wait. They are also immune to all forms of fear.

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