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Free-for-All is the fourth scenario of the A Strategic Quest campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. It is followed by Castle Ironfist (if playing as Lord Slayer, Queen Lamanda, or Lord Alamar) or Castle Slayer (if playing as Lord Ironfist)


Free-for-All is a large map, and it is almost entirely land, except for a slim border of water around the continent. It's notable for having some of each type of land terrain: grass, dirt, desert, snow, swamp and lava. The Knights start in the lower right, the Barbarians in the upper left, the Sorceresses in the upper right and the Warlocks in the lower left. 

Besides each faction's starting castle, there are a large number of towns on the map that can be captured and built into castles. There is some imbalance on this point; only one Mountain town exists on the map, while there are several Farm towns. This serves to counteract the advantage Warlocks gain from superior units like dragons.

As in The Archipelago, the objective here is to conquer the map. This is a tall order because of the sheer size of the map and the large number of towns that get upgraded to castles; it is necessary to amass multiple strong armies to sweep the map clear of enemy forces.

In-game descriptions[]


With the founding of a homeland, the other lords now take you seriously. All seek to dominate the central continent, and each is suspicious of the others. The territory is huge, the opposition distant. Resources are scarce and should be fiercely defended. You must be the last lord left to claim victory.OffBck

Victory message[]

With your victory, the other lords have made their final retreat. They must each in turn be fought one-on-one in their homelands, and their personal castles must be captured.OffBck