Fre is a character in Might and Magic IX. She is the Goddess of Vita, and is married to Krohn.

Background Edit

Fre helps mortals by giving rain to crops, and by healing the sick and wounded. For this reason, she is very popular among the mortals.

She was the one who purchased the goose Honk (also known as Philip) from a pet shop in Arslegard. However, a new religious order known as the Honkies began to worship him as a god, which was a great annoyance to her, since it meant that the real gods received less worship. She asked a party of adventurers to enter the Temple of Honk and steal the Golden Honk, a religious icon. In return, she was willing to let them ask three questions of her.

They asked her:

  • Who is behind Tamur Leng? ("I cannot answer that. Besides, what makes you think he is not acting of his own accord?")
  • Will we succeed in stopping Tamur Leng? ("If you persevere? Yes")
  • What does the future hold for Chedian? ("Should you succeed, I see the clans united. A leader shall emerge, borne of two Jarls. She shall draw the sword and become Queen of all Chedian", but she couldn't answer what the sword was, or which Jarls)

Gameplay Edit

Fre can be found in the Hall of the Gods. She gives the party the Steal the Golden Honk quest.

Notes Edit

  • Fre is based on Freyja/Frigg, the goddess from Norse mythology.
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