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Now, as you may/may not be aware, our fine Wiki boasts a modest supply of information on the King's Bounty series. According to our Wiki, it was the precursor to Heroes of Might and Magic as we know it. The original game was made by NWC, then after their unfortunate mishap, the intellectual property was later bought by 1C Company, who made two sequels (and an expansion pack) in the same vein. Now, the question here, is, should we cover it? On the one hand, I can personally attest to the similarity in King's Bounty to Heroes of Might and Magic, at least in the later entries; I played a demo of Armored Princess, and the game is strongly reminiscent of the series. On the other hand, this is the Might and Magic Wiki, not the New World Computing Wiki or the Jon Van Caneghem Wiki. What say you lot? Jimcloud 18:22, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Since the Heroes of Might and Magic series have started from King's Bounty, I think we should cover info. As you say, it has some similarities. However, let's see what the others think of it. Energy X 21:15, October 30, 2013 (UTC)
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