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Hello members of Might and Magic Wiki (or what is left of it). My name is Energy X and this is my request to become a bureucrat.


My "true" name is Jakša. I joined this wiki in October 29th, 2011. I thought that during that time this place was developing, but seems to me I was mistaken.

Since the joining, I have edited a lot, although there was a time I was inactive. Anyway, I realised that our knowledge must be shared, otherwise people will not have "buts" and "hows" explained.

I ask from the community to give me permission for the bureucrat powers. This will be invaluable, as the wiki surely needs a lot of work.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention - the Staff have the power to grant bureaucrat powers, if you didn't know that earlier.


  • Made 212 article edits.
  • Pefrormed administrative work (deleting unnecesary images/articles, updated templates etc.)
  • Made the Badges
  • Warning others how to edit
  • Encouraging others to edit
  • Admin on Nukapedia and Fallout Answers wikis


The following is a vote.

To vote, simply put:

  • # {{yes}} ~~~~ if you support
  • # {{no}} ~~~~ if you deny
  • # {{neut}} ~~~~ if you wish to abstain

Please vote with most caution - explain yourself why you cast your vote on this.

The vote expires 7 days from the writing of the proposal. It started from 13:35, Octobar 27, 2012 (UTC).

  1. Yes Energy X has been doing an amazing job on the wiki from all that I've seen. As someone who has done the same for another wiki and was made bureaucrat myself there after a number of years as the solitary contributor where it is now a community that runs well, I can recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into the sort of work I've seen Energy X do here. I think the wiki would really benefit from him gaining bureaucratic status.
    Somarinoa (talk) 09:11, October 28, 2012 (UTC)
  2. YesAgree, it could relly improve this wiki even more. Unsigned comment by Von Berlichingen (talk • contribs).



The staff have granted me with bureaucrat tools. Thank you for voting, and I hope more people come! Energy X 19:27, November 7, 2012 (UTC)

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