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Edit: Bot flag achieved, thank you.

Greetings, Might and Magic Wiki community!

This thread is here to discuss flagging YogsBot as a bot for this wiki. I was summoned by Energy X from the Community Central wiki and thought I'd help out.

What’s the bot allowed to do?[]

I will follow all instructions set out in Forum:Bot requests. A proper Bot requests page might be set up later, and the bot will do those tasks.

What does 'flagging' the bot mean?[]

It means that the bot's edits will not appear in Special:RecentChanges or Special:WikiActivity. Because of this, I'll make sure that all edits are documented in the Bot requests page/forum post (in case conflicts or errors occur).

How does the bot work?[]

AutoWikiBrowser and other custom scripts.

What if it goes crazy?[]

An administrator can switch off the bot by blocking YogsBot. If you're not an administrator, you can contact the VSTF to have it blocked.

Please leave a message of approval (or any questions) below the line!

I think it sounds like a great idea! Narve (talk) 08:29, December 31, 2015 (UTC)