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Hello all! I'm Sligneris. Theoretically, I have been a member since 2012, but I didn't make any major contributions since last few months. Perhaps I'm asking a bit too early for that...?

Since I joined, I made 700 edits on the wiki, but my most important contributions would be the pictures and artwork I'm uploading - some of which were either absent from the wiki, cut, or in lower resolution.

I also have experience with ripping in-game graphics from Heroes V and Clash of Heroes and in games in which ripping isn't possible, I simple take screenshots and cut them, like with this picture of Belketh from Heroes Online

Becoming an admin would help me organize these pictures, and possible replace some .jpg pictures with their transparent equivalents without bothering other admins.


The following is a vote.

To vote, simply put:

  • # {{yes}} ~~~~ if you support
  • # {{no}} ~~~~ if you deny
  • # {{neut}} ~~~~ if you wish to abstain

Please vote with most caution - explain yourself why you cast your vote on this.

The vote expires 7 days from the writing of the proposal. It started from 19:42, February 27, 2015 (UTC).

  1. Yes I was unsure about how to vote for this, and whether your contributions were enough to earn an adminship, but in the end, I realized that you've made some good edits to the wiki. In addition, what's the worst that can happen? So I'm voting yes.Narve (talk) 10:55, March 8, 2015 (UTC)
  2. Yes I would love to see you continue your project in bringing us high quality images. It is something I have hoped for for this wiki for some time now. -- Somarinoa (talk) 12:50, March 8, 2015 (UTC)


I think we got enough votes for this request. So yeah, you are an admin now. Congratulations. Energy X 15:17, March 8, 2015 (UTC)

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