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The Fortress is a faction from the Heroes of Might and Magic V expansion Hammers of Fate.

A nation of dwarves, serving the god Arkath from their underground cities, they are fierce defenders of their realm. At the start of the campaign, they are led by King Tolghar. Their faction icon is a bear's head.

One of the most notable characters is Wulfstan, the dwarven captain of a remote garrison, and a hero that helps defeat Biara and her demonic minions.

The Fortress is the first of the two H5 factions to neglect the use of traditional magic via the Magic Guild system (the other one being the Stronghold). Instead, dwarves use what they refer to as "Runelore", which is a sort of pseudomagical system relying on summoning artifacts called Runes. Although effects granted by those Runes are still considered to be spells, many of them cannot be dispelled the same way a regular magic spell would be, and, much like combat moves, rely solely on the strength of the hero using them.



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