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The Log Puzzle

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The Hunting Camp

The Forest's Edge is the third and last location in the Sylvan campaign in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. It is preceded by the druid tree.

Anwen and Findan talk to the knight Varkas, who will try to stop Count Carlyle from starting a war. After saving the Mother Seed from Griffin troops, Anwen and Findan learn that Godric is a prisoner of the demons. When they go to free him, they are attacked by Azexes, but manage to drive him back to Sheogh. Godric is freed, and he decides to head back to the Griffin Empire and convince the Emperor to stop the attack on Irollan.


These objectives can be found in the Forest's Edge area.


  • The Mother Seed: The knights must be stopped before they destroy the magical seed.
  • False Note: Anwen and Findan must save Godric from the demons.


Nelir's battle puzzles





  • Treant Sap: Given by Nelir when his battle puzzles are beaten.
  • Dragon Scales: In a chest in the eastern part of the first map, guarded by Sir Nathanson.
  • Boost Boots: In a chest in the western part of the first map, guarded by Cuthlion.
  • Ring of Life: In a chest near the log puzzle.
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