"Then descended on the land
The Forces of the Dome
To lend into the mortal hand
Power before unknown

Five Forces, they of might and magic
Two champions forged by each
Ten heroes made the tale most tragic
For the Elemental beasts

The Forces of the Dome were a group of five forces that watched over the world of Terra, protecting its inhabitants. They dwelled above the clouds and above the stars.

When the first intelligent lifeforms (elves, gnomes, dwarves, half-orcs, and humans) appeared on the land that would later become the isles of Terra, the Elemental Lords that had created the area were enraged. They agreed to stop their war against each other for a single day so that they could deal with the intruders. They attacked with all the powers of the elements, but the Forces of the Dome intervened. They didn't want to fight the Elemental Lords directly, which would drag them into the eternal war, but they gave the mortals the power they needed to survive the attack.

Each of the five forces would make two classes, creating ten champions to drive the Elemental Lords back. Once the battle was over, they transported the land from "the gates of the Ancients to the gates of Terra". There, it was broken into isles.

Cosmonium Edit


"Cosmonium was that force which guided the elements and other forms of energy from place to place. Air, water, fire, earth, and the electrical energies were commanded and controlled."

Cosmonium created the sorcerer and archer.

Esoterica Edit


"Esoterica was the power of the inner self, the energy of life and the forms of life, with command of the mind and the ability for healing and inflicting."

Esoterica created the cleric and paladin.

Gaiam Edit


"Gaiam commanded the order of life in the forest and in the skies, of the trees and the clouds. The manner and temperament of nature and the wills of the beasts bowed to its influence."

Gaiam created the druid and ranger.

Bellum Edit


"Bellum, which was the essence of war and violence which manifested itself in the darker moods of beasts and violent turns of weather, like this storm tonight."

Bellum created the knight and barbarian.

Lurkane Edit


"And Lurkane, that invisible, silent sheet of clandestine power that slipped its works into the world unseen."

Lurkane created the robber and ninja.

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