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Follow Sir Christian, an aspiring Fragrance Alchemist, as he begins a three-hour tour, and finds himself constantly bargaining for his very life.OffBck

Foolhardy Waywardness is the sixth and last campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade and consists of four scenarios:

  1. Lost at Sea
  2. Their End of the Bargain
  3. Here There Be Pirates
  4. Hurry Up and Wait

While on a short vacation, Sir Christian sails into a hurricane and ends up shipwrecked on a small island filled with hostile natives. After making alliances and waging combat against those that attack him, he finally makes it back to an Erathian outpost, just as that outpost is about to be attacked by Regnan pirates.



  • The campaign acts as a prequel to Long Live the Queen and explains why Christian is the starting hero in Homecoming.
  • Unlike other campaigns, Foolhardy Waywardness is designed as bonus content and is first and foremost a comedy series, with light tone, funny, semi-absurdist plot and colorful characters. Its premise is inspired by an American TV show Gilligan's Island.

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