Icon-MM7 Floating eye Icon-MM7
Floating eye - MM VII
Hit Points: 180
Armor Class: 20
Damage: 5D6
Fly: Yes
Movement limit: Medium
Speed: 140
Attack Speed: 70
AI type: Aggressive
Preferred enemy: Sorcerer
Primary attack: Water (ranged)
Attack bonus: Asleep
Experience: 1,200
Treasure: 10D10 gold
10% chance for a level 4 ring
Fire: 30
Air: 30
Water: Immune
Earth: 30
Mind: Immune
Spirit: 15
Body: Immune
Light: 10
Dark: 15
Physical: 30

The floating eye is a monster in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. Its stronger versions are the gazer and evil eye.

Floating eyes can be encountered in the Thunderfist Mountain and Clanker's Lab. Their attacks can cause asleep and they will target sorcerers in the party. They are immune to water, mind and body attacks.

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