Flammschrein is the holy city of the Holy Griffin Empire's Church of Light of Elrath order since ancient times, as so being mentioned as the "holy city" in the storyline of the overall scenario. It is located at the heart of the Wolf Duchy regency. The city play several major roles during the war against the inferno invasion, due to its status as Holy City and strategic defensive location, being surrounded by river tributaries and hills. It is one of the most important cities in the empire.

History Edit

Since the empire's conversion from Ylath to Elrath, Flamschrein is one of the great cities of the Holy Empire (both of the Holy Falcon Empire and the Holy Griffin Empire). Flammschrein is particularly noted for its cathedral and seminaries to Elrath and being considered the center of his worship in the empire. During the era of the Falcon house, apart from Falcon's Reach itself, Flammschrein is the largest center of Elrath's Church of the Holy Light. It is also the place most of the remaining Angels visit in the empire, either to unofficially advise the empire or train new priests and Inquisitors.

Heroes V Edit

Flammschrein appears in the scenario Heart of Darkness. It had fallen into blasphemy, worshiping the newly founded Red Church founded by Biara. The demon Orlando is in charge of the city, who indirectly control the corrupted holy city and locked Isabel's true self within. Later the city is freed from corruption by the undead force led by Arantir. Once inside the city, Arantir released Isabel's essence, which was locked in the city's dungeon.

Heroes VI Edit

In Tempt Not a Desperate Man, the city fell to the Naga with the fall of the Wolf Duchy to Irina who led the army to "retake" the land she belief she's rightful to. Later on Irina's brother Anton came to liberate the city acknowledging the Naga is under his sister's control. However he decided not to relinquish Irina's control over the Duchy upon encountering her and it can be assumed that the city remains under the empire.