Flamestryke's Might & Magic sites are a triad of Might and Magic RPGs fansites containing resources, walkthroughs and information on Might and Magic VII, Might and Magic VIII and Might and Magic IX. The sites were created and maintained between 1999 and 2007 by Erika "Flamestryke" Walters, who sadly passed away in April 2008 following a battle with cancer.[1]

The three guides remain active, and are considered definitive sources for information on the three games.[1] They share a similar interface, and each contains detailed knowledge covering its respective game, including monster, skill and equipment indexes, advice on character development, quest and dungeon overviews, annotation sections covering trivia, patches, miscellanea and bug alerts. They are accompanied by a fourth sister site devoted to Wizardry 8, and research pages devoted to Return to Krondor.

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