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Fire Warlock - MM VII
Hit Points: 137
Armor Class: 14
Damage: 9D4
Movement limit: Medium
Speed: 200
Attack Speed: 90
AI type: Aggressive
Primary attack: Fire (ranged)
Spells: Level 6 expert fireball (20%)
Level: 25
Experience: 875
Treasure: 7D9 gold
10% chance for level 2 wand
Fire: 30
Air: 30
Water: 30
Earth: 30
Mind: 10
Spirit: 10
Body: 10
Light: 0
Dark: 10
Physical: 10

The fire warlock is a monster in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. Its stronger versions are the water warlock and air warlock.

Fire warlocks can be encountered in Nighon Tunnels, Mount Nighon, Thunderfist Mountain, and The Maze. They have a ranged attack that does fire damage, and have a 20% chance of using the fireball spell.

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