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Fiona is a female human Demoniac and Death Knight seen in Heroes III and IV.


Heroes III[]

Fiona was a trainer of circus animals in eastern Erathia before the Devils invaded. She quickly proved to them that her control over animals extended to the always temperamental hell hounds, and she was immediately accepted into the ranks of Eeofol's armies.OffBck

Heroes IV[]

When the Kreegan empire crumbled after the Reckoning, Fiona made an attempt to return to human society here in the new world. Only a few months later, this harsh woman was running from the law. Now, she accepts the fact that she will never fit with her people again.OffBck


Heroes III[]

Fiona is a Demoniac. She starts with advanced Scouting.

Hero Trait
HellHoundH3 specialty.png Hell Hounds
Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Hell Hounds or Cerberi for each level attained after 3rd level.OffBck

Heroes IV[]

Fiona is a death knight.


Fiona appears in Heroes of Might and Magic III and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


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