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This quest is available from Old One-Eye, on the crescent part of Regna Island. He hints that the Dread Pirate Stanley probably did not hide his treasure on Regna Island. He gives some clues that indicate Ravage Roaming would be a better place to look, and entices the party with dreams of vast riches.


The Dread Pirate Stanley did indeed "hide" his treasure in Ravage Roaming; however he hid it in plain sight out in the wilderness. To find it, search along the southern edge of Ravage Roaming. The treasure is in six chests in a dry, east-west trending valley, and includes the artifact cutlass Judicious Measure.

The monetary reward for this quest is the treasure itself; Old One-Eye will not add more gold; however when you've found and plundered the treasure (which you can do without ever visiting Old One-Eye, return to him for the experience and fame reward. Choose the active character carefully when you return - being a pirate, he cannot imagine that anyone would share the treasure, so he will confer the experience ONLY to the active character. The party will, however, share the fame.