Find the Legendary Drum of Victory is a side quest in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer.

The Drum of Victory was an artifact whose deafening sound drove terror into the heart of any dragon that heard it. It was lost in a battle against nagas when Charles Quixote established his keep, and the dragon hunters were eager to get it back. Zelim asked the Hero of Jadame to bring it to them.

Walkthrough Edit

The drum can be found in the Naga Vault, northwest of the Dragon Hunter's Camp. The vault is full of nagas, as is the surrounding area. The party needs to fight through the nagas until they reach a room with five buttons. The second button will lead them to the second floor, the others will release more nagas. The third button will also open the way to a secret treasure room.

On the second floor of the vault, turn right to enter a room with a button on a pedestal. This button will lower the pillar with the drum on it (in the previous room), but it will also set off a fire trap on the ceiling above the party.

Return to the previous room to find the trapped chest containing the drum, and bring it back to Zelim for a reward.

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