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H3 rough theme

Campaign's theme music

Every thirty years the youth of Krewlod are given the opportunity to replace the clan leaders and vie for the throne. Defeat the ancient behemoth Razor Claw, clear an area of beasts left wild for thirty years, defeat the other rivals for the throne and finally challenge the king himself!OffBck

Festival of Life is the fourth campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade and consists of four scenarios:

  1. Razor Claw
  2. Taming of the wild
  3. Clan War
  4. For the Throne

Kilgor, a young barbarian of Krewlod, challenges his ruler, Duke Winston Boragus. If he defeats the ogre in combat, Kilgor will become the new king of Krewlod.



Festival of Life theme

Cut theme

Like most Armageddon's Blade campaigns, this campaign has a cut-out theme version.

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