Captain Ferth is a character in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


Captain Ferth was one of the loyal subjects of Sir Worton, and he was elected by his master to lead the soldiers camped at Glen Garrison in The Wheel. The Garrison was hiding Worton's real mother, Lady Desette, since her discovery would hamper Worton's plans of impersonating King Nicolai Gryphonheart's illegitimate son and thus claiming the throne of Palaedra. Captain Ferth was under orders to kill Lady Desette should somebody try to reach her. (Ferth especially feared that Lysander, Lord of Palaedra, would try to discover Worton's true parents).

During his service, Ferth hired a couple of smiths when 'he saw how spectacular their weapons are'. After the smiths finished their job at the Glen Garrison, they encountered Lord Lysander's army and betrayed the Captain, telling Lysander all about the garrison's mission (although not realizing that they did so).

With the information from the smiths, Lord Lysander managed to kidnap Desette without the Captain to notice, and so his mission failed. It is unknown what happened to Captain Ferth after this failure.



The True BladeEdit

The First Step of Many: From the locals, Lysander learns about Captain Ferth and his job.