Lord Fayette is a character that appears in the New Beginning and Unholy Alliance campaigns in Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death.

Biography Edit

An unknown Necromancer raised Lord Fayette as a Death Knight. Lord Fayette has been given orders to invade AvLee.OffBck

Fayette was one of the border lords of AvLee, with his lands being close to the Contested Lands. Clancy was one of the heroes working for him. When Gem was asked to help a wizard named Sandro search for evil necromancer artifacts he could destroy, she wanted Clancy's help. Lord Fayette allowed it, as long as they did didn't do anything to upset the Erathians.

At one point, Lord Fayette came to visit Gem and Clancy while they were out searching. He claimed to be on a "hunting trip", and winked at Gem. As he talked to her, he offered Gem a chance to join the forces of AvLee. She told him she would be happy to, but wanted to finish finding the artifacts first. After her quest, Gem became one of Lord Fayette's generals.

Some time later, Lord Fayette's neighbor Lord Falorel was killed by poison. While examining the body, they learned that he had actually been killed and replaced by a vampire some time ago. Wanting to know what had happened, Lord Fayette arranged a meeting with the nearest of the Deyjan Border Lords, but during the meeting, both of them were attacked and slain. Lord Fayette was then raised as a death knight. Horrified by this event, and wanting to put her friend's soul to rest, Gem led her army into the territory and destroyed the death knight.

AvLee's Council of Elders asked Gem and Gelu to look into what happened to Falorel and Fayette. They eventually learned that Sandro was responsible - the supposed wizard who had actually been a necromancer in disguise. He had poisoned Falorel because the ambitious vampire was a threat to his own schemes, and had killed Fayette and the Deyjan Lord because they were close to uncovering the truth.

Teaming up with the barbarians Yog and Crag Hack, Gem and Gelu defeated Sandro and spoiled his plans, though the necromancer himself survived.

Gameplay Edit

Lord Fayette is a 30th-level Death Knight. He has the Necromancy skill, with his other skills being randomly assigned, and starts with an army of 40 vampire lords, 72 black knights, and 18 dread knights.

Hero Trait
BlackKnightH3 specialty Black Knights
Black Knights or Dread Knights receive +5 Att, +5 Def, and +10 Dmg.OffBck

He appears in the Final Peace scenario, and must be defeated to win the scenario.

Notes Edit

He has the same icon as the undead version of Lord Haart.

Appearances Edit

Lord Fayette appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death.

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