Drake's village

The Fairfield Lowlands is an area mentioned in Crusaders of Might and Magic. This is where the hero Drake grew up, a shepherd's son in a village that was located only a day or two's journey from Duskwood.

It was a peaceful place, but when Drake was twelve years old, the Legion of the Fallen arrived in the area. A mortally wounded Crusader staggered into the village, telling them that Necros had army encampments nearby. The town leaders planned to defend their village, and Drake's father ordered him to return to the flock. When Drake returned to the animals, he heard screams, and turned back to see the Legion ravaging his village.

Drake ran back home, but by the time he arrived, everyone had been killed, and the only thing that moved was a handful of the Legion's soldiers that had remained behind to search through the wreckage for weapons.

Realizing that there was nothing left for him, Drake fled into the wilderness, where he started his own private war against the monsters that killed his friends and family.

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