Fahada is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.


A member of House Anima, Fahada came to prominence during the early days of the Orc Rebellion. Like most Wizards, Fahada craves power, but she also seeks the acceptance of the male Wizards of the Seven Cities, leading her to adopt a serious and studious demeanor. Only her lover, the Djinn Khalida, can make her smile and laugh and see the wonders of the world.
Khalida gained renown as the hero of the battle of Shahibdiya and the slayer of Malathua, the insurgents' original leader. But for Fahada, this victory was a tragedy, as it could only be obtained by sacrificing Khalida. A light within Fahada became dark that day, and she became known as Fahada of the Thousand Sorrows.
Following the orders of the Circle of Nine, Fahada continued to track down and kill Orc and Beastmen insurgents, until she became disgusted with what she had become since Khalida's loss.
Seeking redemption, Fahada agreed to an alliance with Orc chieftain Jengo against Qasim. By coincidence or a twist of fate, she was reunited with the gem containing Khalida's essence soon before the assault on Qasim's palace. Mortally wounded during the battle, Fahada chose to right her wrongs and as her final deed in this life, she set her lover free.


Fahada is a Wizard.


Hero Trait
Prime magic H7 Disciple of Prime
The hero has +6 Magic when casting Prime Spells.OffBck


Fahada appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.

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