Heroes III experience icon

Experience is a gameplay concept that appears in most games in the Might and Magic franchise. In the RPGs (like Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Crusaders of Might and Magic and its sequels, and the main Might and Magic RPGs), characters gain experience by completing quests and killing monsters.

In the Heroes of Might and Magic series, heroes gain experience by winning battles (depending on the size of the enemy army), picking up treasure chests, or visiting adventure map objects like the learning stone.

When they have gained enough experience, characters and heroes can level up. In the main Might and Magic RPGs, this will give them skill points which they can use to increase their skill levels. Note that characters must visit an instructor and pay them to level up.

In the Heroes series, leveling up will increase their primary skills, and let them learn one extra secondary skill (except Heroes I, which doesn't use secondary skills).

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