Ewine Ironfist is the wife of king Ragnar Ironfist, appearing in the manual to Heroes of Might and Magic I, in the Letters from Lord Ironfist.

In the letters that Morglin Ironfist wrote to his cousin Ragnar, it is revealed that Morglin was in love with Ewine before she married his cousin, and he calls her "the fair, gentle and lovely Queen Ewine". While insincerely proclaiming his loyalty to his cousin, and writing about his adventures in Enroth (he fled from Ragnar after unsuccessfully trying to assassinate him, through the wizard Guthbert, and ended up in Enroth), he also tells his cousin to "extend to Lady Ewine my warmest thoughts and tell her I have many fond memories of times I spent with her. She’ll know what I mean".

Over time, as Morglin spends more time in Enroth, building up his power and gaining experience in combat and as a ruler, the tone of his letters becomes ruder and ruder, and he asks Ragnar "is Ewine’s breath as disgusting as I now remember it to be?" In the last part of his letters, Morglin writes that "If Ewine is still with you tell her I have married and am quite content. My companion has all the attributes that she did not, trustworthiness, intelligence, beauty and kindness. Beyond that, she bathes more than once a year and is not surrounded by a cloud of flies, something I find to be most refreshing after having known Ewine."

None of these letters ever reached anyone, and it is not known what happened to Ewine and her husband Ragnar after Morglin fled.

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