The evil eye is a second-level creature, connected to the Asylum town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It can be found at the pillar of eyes creature dwelling.

When evil eyes attack, they randomly cast a harmful spell on an enemy. The possible spells include Curse, Disrupting Ray, Slow, Sorrow, Weakness, Magic Leech, and Misfortune.OffBck


The evil eye is a useful ranged attacker, providing support for the army. The ability to randomly curse enemies can be a great annoyance to the opponent.

If combatting them, having a hero with Dispel or Exorcism can be very useful. Like most ranged creatures, going into close combat with the Evil Eye will halve their potential damage.

Abilities Edit


The Ranged ability allows this creature to attack enemies at a distance, but in melee combat this creature does half damage unless it has the Normal Melee ability.


Flying allows this creature to fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, and castle walls.


This creature attacks with random Harmful Spells, casting a random Chaos Magic or Death Magic spell on its enemy.

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