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Every Dog Has His Day is a campaign in Might & Magic: Heroes VII. It is one of the Lost Tales of Axeoth, and was released on April 14th 2016.

"At the height of his career, Dogwoggle was one of King Kilgor's Barbarian generals, but he soon learned that Kilgor was quite mad and leading the world toward destruction. Since he was fond of the world (it was where he kept all his stuff), Dogwoggle turned double-agent. He made a deal with Kilgor's enemies (Erathia to be exact) to steal the Sword of Frost on the eve of his final battle against the Elves of AvLee and replace it with a perfect copy. Things didn't go as expected..."

The campaign was originally planned for Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Its name can be observed on the game's default high scores list, along with the names of the six produced campaigns. Like Unity, it was included as free DLC for Heroes VII to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Heroes of Might and Magic series[1].

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  1. Critical Failure
  2. Twist of Fate
  3. Second Chance

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