Prison Break is a quest in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


Godric has to turn to Aunt Evelyn, who might give guidance to Godric of what he should do next. They need to go to north, where Evelyn's manor is. They need to pass through a knight, meaning they need to battle him. They spot that Count Carlyle orders his archers to attack Evelyn, then goes away. Godric and Varkas need to defeat them, even if they hide behind the walls.

Godric approaches to Evelyn, who tells him that Fiona's star is dimnished, while Aidan's brights even more than it should. Godric asks for advice, as the Emperor declared his father a traitor. Evelyn advises to participate in the tournament and gives Edric's helm to disguise Godric. To support him, Evelyn gives him four priestesses.

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