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The Eternal Shrine

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Ludmilla's Lair

Eternal Shrine is the last location in the Necropolis campaign in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. With the Twilight Urn in her possession, Fiona approaches the Shrine where the Death Cult Ritual can bring her back to life. But Ludmilla takes the necrotic energy for herself and flees back to her lair, forcing Fiona to follow her and defeat her in combat.

After her victory, Fiona is returned to life.

Quests Edit

These quests can be found in the Eternal Shrine location:

Mandatory Edit

  • Talon: To reach the Eternal Shrine, Fiona must battle Ludmilla's wizard underlings.
  • Death Cult Ritual: Fiona must defeat the worshipers during the Death Cult Ritual to return to life.
  • Last Stand: When Ludmilla disrupts the ritual, Fiona goes to defeat her in her lair.

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