Escaton is a character in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer.

Escaton was an agent of the Ancients. Since the kreegans had arrived on Enroth during the Night of Shooting Stars, Escaton had been tasked with destroying the planet to get rid of the foul creatures. He imprisoned the four elemental lords and used the power of the Elemental Planes to attempt to tear the planet apart.

The Hero of Jadame encountered Escaton in the Plane Between Planes and pointed out that the kreegans on Enroth had already been wiped out during the Demon Wars. Escaton aknowledged this, but his programming wouldn't allow him to abandon his mission. Knowing that his mission was madness, yet compelled to carry it out anyway, Escaton allowed the hero to sneak away with the keys to the cells where he had imprisoned the four elemental lords. The hero freed the elemental lords, who destroyed Escaton's crystal and calmed down their Elemental Planes, ending the disaster.

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