"Vengeance will not override me from my duties to the clan, Tholos. No enemy will set foot here as long as I have a whip to fight them."
—Eruina, to Tholos [src]

Eruina is a hero in Heroes of Might and Magic V. She is available for recruitment though the tavern, as well as acting as the protagonist in the stand alone scenario, Defiance. She also appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI, Might & Magic X: Legacy and Might & Magic: Heroes VII.


Heroes V Edit

Eruina is a true daughter of the legendary Queen Tuidhana. Though Eruina herself does not flaunt her prestigious bloodline, preferring to be judged on her impressive abilities, the Shadow Witches and Shadow Matriarchs of her army support her attacks with all the fury of true fanatics.OffBck

Eruina was one of the children of Queen Tuidhana, whom escaped the destruction of the Dark Elf Kingdom after the Day of the Tears of Fire in 566 YSD. Looking for refuge, in 668 YSD she settled down in the caverns under Farwind island and made a pact with Rutger, the local leader of the Falcon Empire who ruled the surface of the island. However Rutger sold her out to his Elven allies, who dispatched the hero Talanar to destroy Eruina and her people. To make matters worse a neighboring Dark Elf named Sinitar craved to take her land and eliminate her, even going so far as to try and bargain with the Humans and Elves.

Heroes VI Edit

As beautiful as she is proud, Eruina is the daughter of a Dark Elf lord named Salvin and Queen Tuidhana herself. The last consort of the legendary Queen, Salvin took his daughter away from the court at an early age and raised her in a strict, but caring, way. Salvin was the first to understand the need for the Dark Elves to stop wandering the caves and establish a real kingdom. Eruina and her father ultimately parted ways, having different opinions about the nature of said kingdom. Eruina took her followers to the small island of Farwind, in the Irisus Sea, and there she founded the short-lived kingdom of Inshanost. Attacked relentlessly by both Humans and Sylvan Elves, and undermined by internal dissensions, Inshanost eventually fell. After hearing of her father's tragic demise during his own attempts at founding a kingdom, Eruina decided to return to the rest of her brethren. She chose not to side with any particular clan, and would rather be known for her own achievements than because of who her mother was.OffBck

Might and Magic X Edit

Eruina is a dark elf who has set up camp in the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors (Floor 4) with her companions. She is one of the few masters of Dark Magic.

Heroes VII Edit

Eruina is a true daughter of the legendary Queen Tuidhana, and the half-sister of Menan, the current Lord of the Clans. But she never points up this brilliant lineage. Proud and independent, she doesn't side with any particular clan, and would rather be known for her own achievements than because of who her mother was.OffBck


Heroes V Edit

Eruina is a Warlock.


Hero Trait
H5SpecCovenMistress Coven Mistress
Shadow Witches, Shadow Matriarchs and Shadow Mistresses have a chance to make a free additional shot at the hero's current target. Chance increases depending on hero level.OffBck

H5BasicIrresistibleMagic Irresistible Magic
H5BasicDestructiveMagic Basic Destructive Magic
H5BasicAttack Basic Attack


  • Defiance: Eruina kills Sinitar and takes his town and then moves to take the town of Brightwood on the surface. Once the elven fleet arrives under Talanar's command, she destroys his forces and scuttles his ships to ensure her clans existence on this island is kept secret.
  • A Tear for Ossir: Eruina is the leader of the dark elves below Irollan's surface.
The WarlockEdit
  • The Clanlord: Eruina is one of the participants of the tournament to become Shadowbrand Clan's leader.
  • The Expansion: Raelag can face Eruina, who allied herself with Nightshard Clan.
  • The Cultists: Continuing to wipe out the Soulscar Clan, Raelag can encounter Eruina as one of the clan's members.

Hammers of FateEdit


Ylaya's QuestEdit
  • The Break: Ylaya has to flee from Eruina, who chases her.

Tribes of the EastEdit


Flying to the RescueEdit
  • Dark Ways and Deeds: Zehir will have to defeat the remnants of Soulscar Clan, including Eruina, to gain Ylaya's favor.

Heroes VIEdit

Eruina is a Magic member of the Dungeon faction. As such, her default class is Sorcerer. While her Dynasty character is listed as a Dark Prophet, she may be developed however the player chooses when used in a game.


Hero Trait
Natural Born Leader Natural Born Leader
The hero starts with +2 Leadership.OffBck

Might and Magic X Edit

She has some answers to what is happening in the greater picture. Eruina tells you about mysterious elf and Erebos's secret. She will agree to train your party members for 1500 Gold in Master Level of Dark Magic.

Heroes VIIEdit

Eruina is a Dark Prophet.


Hero Trait
Natural Born Leader H7 Natural Born Leader
The hero has +10 Leadership.OffBck


  • Eruina is related Raelag in the Ubisoft Continuity. Both Raelag's portal on the Might and Magic website[1] and the the Ashan Compendium[2] state that Raelag is a son of Tuidhana and Eruina's own Heroes V biography states she is a daughter of Tuidhana, but they have different fathers. Eruina's father is dark lord Salvin, the last Tuidhana's husband, while Raelag is the first child from another husband.
  • There are two versions of Eruina in the Heroes V scenario editor, the only difference between them being that one of them has a misspelling in her biography ("Witchs" instead of "Witches").


Eruina appears in Heroes of Might and Magic V , the Shades of Darkness expansion of Might & Magic: Heroes VI, Might & Magic X: Legacy and Might & Magic: Heroes VII.



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