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Erathia was a kingdom on the continent of Antagarich on Enroth. Ruled by the Gryphonheart dynasty, it was inhabited mostly by humans. Its capital city was Steadwick. It was the largest state on Antagarich.


Erathia borders AvLee and Deyja to the northeast, Eeofol to the east, Bracada to the south, Krewlod to the southwest and Tatalia to the west.


Erathia has a long history with its neighbour AvLee, fighting in many Timber Wars for the piece of borderland called Contested Lands.

In 1164 AS, the Erathian King, Nicolas Gryphonheart was poisoned by Lord Haart. The commander Morgan Kendal took control of the country in absence of the former king's daughter and heir to the throne, Catherine Gryphonheart, who was living on the continent Enroth with her husband, Roland Ironfist, King of Enroth. Erathia's neighbours chose to take advantage of this situation. The west part of Erathia was invaded by Tatalia and Krewlod forces, the east and south were taken under the control of the united Eeofol and Nighon armies, and the north fell to Deyja. After the initial attack, Queen Catherine finally arrived from Enroth and landed on the shores of Southern Erathia. With the help of general Sir Christian, she was able to regain control of this part of country, and began her march for the Erathian capital, Steadwick. To accomplish this task, she sought help from the forces of Bracada and AvLee.

Meanwhile, Steadwick fell to the hands of Kreegans and Nighon. The Deyjan necromancers used their magic to resurrect king Nicolas, who then led the undead armies against his former nation. But with help from Bracada, Catherine managed to recapture Steadwick. Together with Mages and Elves, the Erathian military drove out all of the invaders and destroyed the main supply tunnel leading from Nighon to Erathia. With the help of necromancers rebelling against their new leader, the united army defeated the undead legions and delivered the soul of King Nicolas to its final rest.