Having discovered a powerful Tear of Asha during the Crusades of the Autumn Wind, Daimyo Oshiro of the Nagas thought he could harness the power of the Tear to stage a coup against the Eternal Empress. He failed, and he and his clan were sentenced to death. Oshiro made a deal with a Kirin, to transport his people to safety, at the cost of his own life. But Oshiro cheated the Kirin: using the Tear of Asha he created an unbreakable barrier, preventing the Kirin from claiming his prize. After 25 years of waiting, the Kirin has become a mad, spiteful creature, and will attack anyone approaching Oshiro's sanctuary.OffBck

The Enraged Kirin is a boss creature for "Oshiro's Curse" quest in "The Quest for the Unkown Tear" mission from Shades of Darkness expansion pack of Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Enraged Kirin is one of the boss characters.

Icon-H6.png Enraged Kirin Icon-H6.png
Enraged Kirin.png
Tier Boss
Hit points 80000
Might attack -
Magic attack 3200
Might defense 51%
Magic defense 53%
Damage 2800-3600
Initiative 50
Speed 9
Range None
Morale 0
Destiny 0
Size Huge
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Tactic[edit | edit source]

He does not make sense before the fight to make a huge army, because a limited army with particular combination appears (216 shades; 225 chakram dancers; 210 shadow watchers; 74 scorpicores; 84 faceless; 100 minotaur guards; 38 black dragons). There are 4 columns on the battlefield, behind these totally avoidable the effect of the "Great Tsunami" ability. Let the stack that was the target of the "Riptide" ability, move away from its place simply. Important, that let them not be the melee creatures each other too close, avoiding the effect of the "Frenzy Hailstorm Aura" ability so.

Useful abilities:

  • Evasive Maneuvers; Resilience; Stand Your Ground, Mass (to reduces damage)
  • Arachne in Level 4; Regeneration, Mass (to heals creatures)
  • Shroud of Malassa (trigger Shadow Pact)
  • Soul Mark (increase damage)
  • Reinforcements (increase number of target stack)

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Monsoon Lightning

Summons thunder clouds to a target 5x5 area. All creatures standing in the area are dealt 800 damage (Air) and suffer from the "Soaked" effect. The clouds last 3 turns. Cooldown: 4 turn(s).OffBck

Enrage Enraged Kirin.png

The Enraged Kirin will become enraged when severely injured (below 35% Health) and acts one additional time each turn for the rest of combat. Cannot be dispelled.OffBck


Summons a ripple below target enemy creature stack. In the next turn a huge tide column rises up from the ripple, dealing 3500 damage (Water) to the creature stack standing on it. Cooldown: 3 turn(s).OffBck

Great Tsunami

A tidal wave arises from the depths, then swells and crashes on the enemy Hero's side, dealing 2500 damage (Water) to all creatures except the Enraged Kirin. All small sized creature stacks are pushed back by two squares and suffers from the "Stunned" effect for 1 turn(s). Creature stacks behind pillars are not affected. Cooldown: 5 turn(s).OffBck

Heroes VI Spirit Form Icon.png
Spirit Form

Spirits benefit from +50% resistance to all damage at the start of each combat. Lasts until an action was taken by the creature.OffBck


Movement and Initiative of Boss creatures cannot be reduced. Also grants immunity of Blind effects, Mind Influence and effects causing loss of action.OffBck

Resistance to Water.png
Resistance to Water

All Nagas (and their allied water spirits) creatures are 50% resistant to Water damage.OffBck

Vulnerability to Air.png
Vulnerability to Air

All Air damage is increased on Nagas (and their allied water spirits) creatures by 25%.OffBck


Can be healed and resurrected. Susceptible to morale.OffBck

Heroes VI Trail of Clouds Icon.png
Trail of Clouds

Clouds are created on the squares crossed by the Enraged Kirin. Each clouded square stops the movement of the enemy creatures. Friendly creatures moving into the clouds are granted an extra action. Does not affect Kirins.OffBck

Frenzy Hailstorm Aura.png
Frenzy Hailstorm Aura

The Enraged Kirin's melee attack will freeze the target creature and damage the stacks adjacent to it.OffBck

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achi Riding the Storm.png
Riding the Storm

During the Enraged Kirin boss fight, defeat the boss without letting a single creature stack be stunned by the Great Tsunami.OffBck

Achi Agrier than You.png
Agrier than You

During the Enraged Kirin boss fight, kill the Kirin in the turn it becomes Enraged.OffBck

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Enraged Kirin appears only in Shades of Darkness.

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