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Map of the known world of Endoria

Endoria is a planet in the King's Bounty mythos, upon which the majority of King's Bounty: The Legend takes place, in which it is first introduced. One of many worlds in the Ocean of Time, it is inhabited by a multitude of intelligent and primitive creatures, and considered to be dominated by Humans, Elves and Dwarves.

It is based on, but not the equivalent of, the world of the original King's Bounty. Katauri Interactive have deemed Endoria "large and unexplored, full of wonders and astonishing discoveries", suggesting that the explorable regions in King's Bounty: The Legend constitute only part of the planet as a whole.


Endoria has four known continents. Darion, Kordar and Ellinia are chiefly populated by Humans, Dwarves and Elves respectively. The planet's smallest continent, Murok, is home to the world's Orcs. A subcontinental archipelago, the Freedom Islands, is situated to the north of Darion. Endoria is also accompanied by an ethereal mirror-world, known simply as the Land of the Dead.






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