Queen Emilia Nighthaven is a character in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. She is the main character of the The Price of Peace campaign.


Emilia had a simple upbringing as the only daughter of a glassblower employed by an alchemist. The Reckoning took her home and her family, and she certainly would have perished too if not for the kindness of an old enchantress. Today, she is an intelligent young woman with a strong sense of fairness.OffBck

Although little of Emilia's life prior to the Reckoning is known, she appears to have lived with her mother or father who worked as a glassblower, and possibly a larger family. During the Reckoning, she was one of the many who crossed over into the new world of Axeoth, but her entire family perished. It seems that she was saved by an angel, and was the last person to cross over before that particular gate closed, if the Heroes IV trailer is to be taken literally. Once in Axeoth, she was taken in by the aging enchantress Shifina, and it is possible that Emilia was taught basic Order Magic in this period by her.

The life of the Enrothian refugees on Axeoth was insecure and uncertain, and they were regularly forced to flee away from the their settlements in order to avoid raiders and marauders. On one such occasion, Emilia voiced her frustration out loud. She asked why no one stood up against the injustice. To her immediate surprise, a group of halflings and dwarves pledged their support to her, if she could lead them to a safe home. Reluctantly, she accepted the position.

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