Elvólas was the original leader of the Renegades, the first branch of Elves in the history of Enroth to break away from the Pure-bloods of Vori. His actions and those of his followers and peers led to the eventual foundation of the kingdom of AvLee.


Generations before the events of the Occult War, a young group of Vori Elves led by Elvólas, craving excitement and adventure, petitioned the ruler of Vori - King Sil-Gandir - to support an expedition to the mainlands of Antagarich. Sil-Gandir refused, reasoning that their lives were too valuable to throw away through distant journies. Ignoring his decision, Elvólas and his peers secretly commenced building the Mitetiiro, a large boat by which they plotted to make their escape.

Sil-Gandir learned of the plot, bringing Elvólas to his court and entreating him to stop his preparations. Elvólas pleaded with the King to reconsider, speaking of glory and dreams of prosperity, but Sil-Gandir commanded him to stop his madness under penalty of death. Hanging his head, Elvólas accepted the King's orders. On returning to the ship, however, he gave his friends a choice - give up their dreams of Antagarich, or leave before sunrise. The Elves unanimously voted to leave Vori, where on the mainland, over the ensuing centuries, they came to establish the kingdom of AvLee.[1]


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