Sister Eliza is a sorceress and campaign hero in the main campaign of Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars, and serves under Roland Ironfist.

She doesn't appear in non-campaign games.


Roland: The sorceresses send their regards for your aid, and promise to make available their best practitioners while you remain in my service.OffBck


  • Sister Eliza appears as a recruitable hero in the player's castle starting from the 7th scenario as a reward for the completion of the Defender scenario (number 6 in the Roland's campaign of Heroes II). She is given the 5th level from the start with no predefined secondary skills or army.
  • Like Brax, Eliza is a special hero available to be hired as a campaign reward in classic Heroes II. She also bears the title "Sister" mirroring with Brax' "Brother", but they are not related in any way.


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