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Eldrich Parson was the last king of AvLee.

Parson first became king during the Timber Wars. In 789 AS, he signed the Treaty of Pierpont with the current King of Erathia, bringing an end to the conflict. The quill he used to sign it ended up in the collection of Lord Markham.

Despite this, Parson never gave up the Contested Lands, considering them AvLee's "rightful domain". Around 1169 AS, he tried to convince Queen Catherine to abandon Erathia's claim to the area, while she tried to do the same to him. Their appointed arbiter, Judge Fairweather, managed to prevent the situation from escalating into an all-out war.

Parson perished in the Reckoning, leading the armies of AvLee against Kilgor. The Bow of the Elf King, symbol of elven leadership, was entrusted to Gramin, who took it to Axeoth and gave it to the Council of Elders. It ended up in the hands of King Elwin of Aranorn, the nation formed by the elves that managed to survive the Reckoning and reach the new world.

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