Einar is a character in Warriors of Might and Magic and Shifters. He is one of the Ancients, and the father of the main character Alleron.

Biography Edit

War against the kreegans Edit

Einar was one of the Ancients who protected the world of Ardon from the kreegans. While most of the Ancients and kreegans rarely thought about the mortal races of the land, Einar occasionally grew curious and would walk among them. His attention was "as much of a curse as a blessing", since civilizations would fall and rise at his slightest whim. His mind was unpredictable and deadly for mortals, and he never gave a reason for his actions.

His greatest feat was defeating the kreegan behemoth known as Klayexraan, a vast being that wanted to consume everything on Ardon. During their struggle, Einar managed to weave a spell around the kreegan that "lifted him into the sky and sundered him into whirling ribbons of light and sound".

When the indestructable Daglathor arrived at Ardon, causing devastation wherever he went, it was Einar who led the Ancients against him. To Einar's surprise, Daglathor withstood his attacks, and the Ancient realized that he was incapable of slaying the kreegan. Einar discovered that Daglathor was using the ethereal power of his victims' souls to defend himself. Since the Ancients were unable to slay him, Einar imprisoned Daglathor inside a volcano. With the mass of the mountain weighing him down, the kreegan was too weak to escape, and Einar declared victory.

Children of Einar Edit

At one point, Einar disguised himself as a handsome young warrior, traveling across the world and wooing women. Many of them bore his children, and a priest prophecised that one of the children would ascend to the kingdom of the Ancients, standing beside Einar as "the eternal guardian and protector of Ardon". To prevent his children from fighting among themselves, Einar cast a great spell, ensuring that a child of Einar would never use might or magic to strike a sibling.

During his travels, Alleron was given a potion by Saylo, leader of the Clerics of Enroth. Looking into a mirror, Alleron saw Einar looking back at him, and realized that he was one of the children of Einar.

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