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Elgar Fellmoon is a character in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. He is a guildmaster in the Merchant Guild in Ravenshore.


Elgar Fellmoon was a guildmaster in the Merchant Guild, and handled the guild's business in Ravenshore. One day, a large and mysterious crystal appeared in town. A short time later, the Hero of Jadame arrived with a letter from Dadeross, explaining how Dadeross' caravan had been trapped in the calamity on the Dagger Wound Islands. Fellmoon believed that the crystal possibly foretold the end of the world, and knew that Bastian Loudrin, the high guildmaster, had to be informed.

He wanted the hero to bring a letter to Arion Hunter, a local smuggler, in order to blackmailing him into giving them some fast boats. When the boats were secured, Fellmoon asked the hero to travel to Alvar and tell Loudrin about the recent disasters.

Loudrin recognized that the disasters had been predicted in the Ekelbreth Sumanunala, the dark elven lore about the end of the world, and wanted to set up an Alliance of Jadame to prevent it from coming true. He sent a letter to Fellmoon, instructing him that the Merchant House was now the new alliance's headquarters, and asked the hero to travel across Jadame and find new members for the alliance.

Catherine and Roland Ironfist wanted to join the alliance, but their boats were unable to land on Jadame's coast due to being attacked by the Regnan pirate fleet. Fellmoon wanted the hero to sink the fleet, so that their new allies could land. The Ironfists brought their sage, Xanthor, whose knowledge would be of great help in dealing with the crystal and its effects.


Elgar Fellmoon can be found in the Merchant House in Ravenshore.


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