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The dwarf is one of the five playable races in Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen, Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen, and Might and Magic: Swords of Xeen. Dwarves have +10 points in the thievery skill, and have +1 hit point and -1 spellpoint per level. They start with the danger sense skill (though the manual incorrectly claims they gain spot secret doors instead).

Dwarves are short and stocky and tough. Dwarves are slightly resistant to most spells, but they are especially resistant to poison. They make fair Robbers and good Knights. Dwarves begin the game with the Spot Secret Doors skill.OffBck

Their hit point and thievery bonuses gives them an advantage as Knights, Barbarians, Ninjas, or Robbers, and their spellpoint penalty makes them ill-suited as spellcasters.

Badger is the pre-made dwarf character in Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen.