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"Sojourned then in the desert sun the Dwarf. Small but mighty they survived in the turmoil of the stormy war for little of the elemental realm could do them great harm. After all, it would take a strong creature to find a thriving life in the lands of sand. With little power over magic, Dwarves found their strength in solitude among the dunes."

The Dwarf is one of the five playable races in Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra, the other four being the elf, gnome, half-orc and human. Dwarves start with the danger sense skill, +10 points in the thievery skill, a resistance of 20 against acid or poison, and a resistance of 5 against fire, cold, electricity, and energy. They have +1 hit point and -1 spell point per level.

Their hit point and thievery bonuses gives them an advantage as knights, barbarians, ninjas or robbers, and their spell point penalty makes them ill-suited for the role of spellcaster.

Crag Hack is the pre-made dwarf character in the game.

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